How to eat like a pro :)

We are what we eat. This proverb is probably hundreds of years old, but we keep totally disregarding it. Meanwhile, our body and brain suffer because of poor nutritional choices we make. Have you ever thought about the amount of sugars and fats you consume? Ok, all that ‘mind what you eat’ babble might seem irrelevant and far-fetched to you, but let me pass you the healthy diet challenge I’m currently taking 🙂 I promise you, it’s quite easy and won’t take too much time or effort. Grab a notebook or open a new text file and write down everything you put in your mouth during a week. After than period, use one of the many web services to calculate the amount of calories and nutrients you consumed every day and during the entire week. The numbers will probably shock you! That’s because we aren’t fully aware of the chemical composition of the products we buy. An innocent portion of tomato paste can actually contain up to ten spoons of sugar! And while your palates will definitely love it and crave for more, a topping like that will definitely do no good to your insides. I won’t repeat what’s already been said thousands of times about the detrimental effects of excessive sugar and fat consumption. I’m simply gonna give you a link to a very useful video that helped me set up my own meal plan I’ve been following it for two weeks and I can tell you I’m feeling much better now. I even lost three kilos although I’ve never been overweight. So why don’t you try it too and share your results right below this post? 🙂


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